Look up! Your camels are coming
Bearing blessings unaware;
Lift your eyes to the horizon
Wanting soul, do not despair.

Look up! Your camels are coming.
Rich treasures to you they'll bring;
So let not your heart be troubled--
Lift your voice, rejoice and sing.

As Joseph, Mary and Jesus
Resided in Bethlehem,
Obedient to the Father,
They knew He'd provide for them.

They didn't know then how or when.
They only knew that God would
Provide for all their daily needs
In a way only He could.

Along came three loaded camels
Bearing gifts from lands afar;
God sent His promised provisions
Guided to them by a star.

So if you're daily trusting God
When you can't see your way through,
Look up! Your camels are coming!
For God will provide for you.

Copyrighted by Linda J. Stevenson.
For permission to use, please contact: Ljstevenson1@juno.com

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